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Currently, it is rather a scientific method of brain examination based on diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW MRI). The imaging technique measures the water diffusion in each volume element of the brain image. This method in medical practice helps to assess the pathology brain leading pathways and not only its structural changes in brain disorders, as it does in the case of ordinary MRI. Tractography shows the course and structural features of the brain leading pathways (tracts of white matter), allowing examinators to find out their direction, detect displacement or deformation, and assess integrity (invasion or damage).

When the tractography is prescribed:

Tractography becomes important when planning surgery. It enables the neurosurgeon to learn the brain leading pathways location of a patient and their involvement in the pathological process, as well as to plan the most adequate surgical approach and to determine the extent of surgical removal of the intracerebral tumor looking for the least neurological deficit in the postoperative period.

Also, this method makes possible the assess of the nerve fibers damage degree in neurodegenerative diseases and after the stroke. With its help, the recovery of motor function in stroke patients becomes predicted and helps doctor to determine individual measures of rehabilitation.

How the tractography is going:

Tractography complements the magnetic resonance imaging in a particular cases. It does not ruse a contrast agent, and only adds 5 to 7 minutes to the duration of  brain examination in ordinary MRI procedure. But considering the expediency of conducting tractography in patients who are scheduled for surgery on the central nervous system, we recommend combining MRI examination with intravenous contrast and tractography.

Contraindications of the tractography are the same as in ordinary MRI.

This type of diagnosis does not require special preparations, but is performed only on the indications of neurosurgeon.

The quality of tractography in «Manufactura» clinic:

Tractography is possible only on the latest and powerful magnetic devices with a field strength of 1.5 tesla. The quality of the examination also depends on the level of the doctor's training, his knowledge of the brain leading pathways anatomy and the ability to correlate them with MR images.

We are both equipped with the advanced diagnostics machines and staffed with the qualified experienced doctors. And we are basing our medical services on the morden and reliable methods and technics in neurosurgery in particular. Our MRI machine is Vantage Elan 1.5 Tesla by «Toshiba medical» the world leader of medical equipment production. It helps us to provide the high-quality services including complex diagnostic methods.

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