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Surgery at strokes' treatment

The World Health Organization recognizes cardiovascular diseases as the leading cause of death in any country. Hypertensive disease, heart failure, various manifestations of circulatory disorders are found in almost every second person after the age of 30. Often patients live with high blood pressure for a long time and do not seek help sometimes not experiencing any symptoms or disturbances in their condition at all.

So it is important to undergo regular examinations and determine risk factors, which are not only blood pressure, but also cholesterol, glucose and blood coagulation parameters. It is worth remembering - it is not the heart pathology itself, but its possible complications that is scary because those arise suddenly and require urgent help.

A stroke is an acute violation of cerebral blood circulation, which is one of the threatening consequences of cardiovascular diseases, and sometimes even fatal. Without urgent treatment, it leads to the loss of body's functions up to disability. There are two types of strokes depending on the mechanism of occurrence: ischemic and hemorrhagic.

Ischemic stroke occurs mainly in the elderly, but it can also occur in a young person who has risk factors. It occurs when a blood clot (thrombus) enters a blood vessel and blocks the lumen of one of the brain vessels. Depending on the caliber of the artery, as a result, the patient's muscle function may be impaired and sensitivity may disappear in various parts of the body, limbs, and face. This happens due to the cessation of blood supply to part of the brain. Clots often form in places where atherosclerotic plaques are formed, where there is an uneven surface of the inner lining of the veins.

Hemorrhagic stroke occurs against the background of rupture of a blood vessel in the brain and is often associated with a sharp increase in pressure. As a rule, the patient often experienced episodes of hypertensive crises before this, has damaged, fragile vessels. This type of stroke is more typical for young people and people with increased excitability of the nervous system that leads to pressure increasing.

Any type of acute violation in cerebral circulation demands an urgent treatment. If a patient has an ischemic stroke, he is prescribed drugs that dissolve blood clots and must be taken within first 4 hours. However, it is far from always the restoration of functions are achieved even with timely therapy. Then surgery comes to the rescue. An experienced neurosurgeon can endovascularly remove a thrombus from a vessel using high-tech devices. The procedure is performed under the control of devices and - if performed on time - is very effective giving high survival chances and full recovery of motor, sensory and other functions. Also, during access through the vessels, it is possible to dissolve the thrombus (thrombolysis) in local and a very targeted manner, as well as to install a stent if an atherosclerotic plaque is detected.

Hemorrhagic stroke has its own methods of treatment in surgery. Disfunctions caused it are mainly appear because a hematoma (outflow of blood from a ruptured blood vessel) compresses brain structures. Conservative therapy in this case is ineffective, but surgical intervention allows both collecting blood off and to eliminate the cause of hemorrhage. Thus, using intravascular (endovascular) measures, microsurgery and endoscopic surgery ensure normal blood supply to the brain.

In case aneurysms and malformations of brain vessels, surgery is the only effective method of treatment.

It is important to note that in the event of a stroke, there are only few hours to save a patient's life, preserve his work capacity and self-care health, so it is extremely important to quickly choose the most effective way of treatment. Surgery at strokes is the newest and most advanced technology that is able to perform both successfully if done in time. 

Here in "Manufactura Clinic" medical center we perform the endovascular, endoscopic surgeries and microsurgeries at most brain disease like strokes, aneurysms and malformations etc. Our nuerosureons are well-expierenced and skilled to carry out such kind of treatment with the best medical effect.

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