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The cancer patient's path: from the first visit to rehabilitation

We know well, that the main question for a person diagnosed with cancer is who and where can provide quality care. Many centers and specialized clinic offer cancer for cancer treatment. So it is not easy for a patient and his relatives to choose a medical institution, and the decision is not always the right one.

There are many clinics wheresurgeons still act as oncologists and make prescriptions although this is an outdated approach. Only the multidisciplinary council of oncology specialists should develop a treatment plan for a patient and this is the only way to prevent even the possibility of an error. The world treatment standards should be the basis of the cancer center's operation, also the hospital should have the neccessary range of diagnostic and treatment procedures. If not, these becomes a serious problem for people who need cancer care. So the success of the treatment depends on exactly where the patient goes.

Our Cancer Center in "Manufactura Clinic" was created and operates precisely to solve problems in one place, under one roof. Here one can get the compehensive cancer care in full - from the first visit to the clinic to the end of treatment and rehabilitation.

What path do our patients take?

The patient's cancer coping begins with the consultation of the clinical oncologist. The clinical oncologist is a specialist who knows all diagnosis and treatment methods as well ass all approaches to coping the cancer of any type. So the patient is in attention of a high specialist from the very begining.

Here is one of the most important differences from former "traditions" of patients moving from from door to door of different specialty doctors and no one is responsible for the entire treatment process. In fact, the patient's treatment path consists of several steps under the supervision of his clinical oncologist.

Step 1. Visit to the clinical oncologist, his analysis of documents, appointment of diagnostic studies. In our Cancer Center, the clinical oncologist is the first who examines the patient, studies his medical documents, determines the necessary tests and examinations for an accurate diagnosis, and makes prescriptions. In the medical council, he develops a sequence of theatments and guides the patient from the diagnosis to his recovery and rehabilitation. If necessary, patients receive consultations of specialty doctors of "Manufactura Clinic".

Step 2. Undergoing examinations for diagnosis and staging of the disease. Our center has the wide range of diagnostic capabilities and is equipped with expert class equipment. Here you can undergo all necessary examinations. We use modern methods, such as MRI, CT, endoscopic examinations, digital mammography, ultrasound, radiography, puncture biopsies, etc. We make the histological studies taking into account all modern molecular and genetic features of each type of tumor, and this allows us to prescribe subsequently the medications for targeted and immunotherapy. All procedures are completely painless and comfortable for patients. Our specialists aim to the key tasks: to detect neoplasms, histologically confirm the diagnosis and to stage of the disease.

Step 3. The patient receives a consultation report with a detailed treatment plan. Based on the results of patient's examination and on the conclustion of the oncological council which is a meeting of doctors of different subspecialties the clinical oncologist develops a treatment plan. We make decisions taking into account the preferences, wishes and capabilities of patient seeking for help. Together with the patient, we consider all options, and doctors develop an optimal treatment plan detailed by stages.

Step 4. Treatment. Patients in full receives the best treatment that meets world standards. The cancer treatment is complex and often combined including various measures, for example, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted, which is focused on malignant cells only, and immunotherapy, which is acctually involving the human immune system itself into tumor cure. We provide our patients with the entire range of services at the high level which is an accurate and safe radiotherapy, chemotherapy, including targeted and immunotherapy, based on the world protocols and powerful modern medications, as well as high-class surgery (often organ-sparing and minimally invasive). During the entire treatment process, our doctors monitor the patient's general condition as well as the intermediate results of treatment and if necessary, we adjust the cure and prescribe supportive therapy.

Step 5. Rehabilitation - both during and after treatment. A psychologist and a rehabilitation therapist work with our patients, providing both medical, physical and psychological help at once. We carry the dynamic monitoring after the completion of cancer treatment according to international standards:

  • every 3 months during first year after cancer treatment;
  • twice a year during second year after treatment;
  • once a year starting from the third year - for those for those in remission.

Our oncologists are always in touch with the patients. 

Quality service

Our Cancer Center has comfortable conditions. All wands are equipped according to the patients needs and treatment type. The personal administrator solves all managing issues in our Center for each patient from his very first visit, with no exception for desease stage or treatment course.

Today, the Cancer Center of "Manufactura Clinic" is one of the most modern medical centers with a full range of services and a comprehensive approach to the cancer treatment in Ukraine.

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The cancer patient's path: from the first visit to rehabilitation

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