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World Immunity Day

March 1 - World Immunity Day! It is to remind people about ways to strengthen the immune system and promote a healthy lifestyle!

«Immunity» comes from the Latin "immunitas", which means "protected", "free". Immunity in the medical sense is a set of protective mechanisms of the body that fight against foreign agents (viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemical compounds). The balance of such mechanisms in the system is, in fact, the immune system, which ensures the body's resistance to aggressive influences from the outside and the stability of its internal system, which we usually call "health".

There are following types of immunity:

  • Congenital. This is the body's hereditary resistance to the action of certain foreign agents (people do not fall ill from some animal diseases and vice versa).
  • Acquired:
    • Natural active immunity that occurs after a disease;
    • Natural passive immunity, which is transmitted from mother to child through breast milk or placenta;
    • Artificial active immunity - occurs after vaccination;
    • Artificial passive immunity - is formed after the introduction of serum.

Unfortunately, there is no "magic pill" for strengthening immunity. A healthy immune system is acquired by following the healthy life rules:

  • Healthy nutrition. The best vitamins are in food. A complete and balanced diet ensures adequate functioning of all organs and systems, including the immune system.
  • Full sleep. The ideal sleep duration for an adult is 7-8 hours. If less than 6 hours, the body does not have time to restore the cells state and organs functioning. Lack of good rest reduces the resistance of the immune system.
  • Walks in the fresh air and physical activity are the key to healthy functioning of the cardiovascular, endocrine and gastrointestinal systems, which directly ensure the strength of immunity.
  • Vaccination is an important component of immunity, as it protects the body from dangerous diseases. It is important that adults get scheduled vaccinations (against diphtheria and tetanus - once every 10 years) and seasonal vaccinations (against flu), as well as vaccinations against coronavirus infection. Vaccinations do not protect 100% from the disease, but help the body to fight in the event of the disease and thus reduce the risk of complications or its severe course.

Strengthening the immune system is integral to a healthy lifestyle!

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