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Linear accelerator at the Cancer Center

When treating a tumor with radiotherapy, it is important to reduce the risk of radiation exposure to healthy organs while keeping the intensity of the impact to the cancer at an effective level. This not only reduces the side effects of radiation therapy, but also helps to avoid radiation complications. The modern technology of our linear accelerator makes it possible to control all components of the radiation session for the safe treatment for the patient.

For radiation treatment courses, we use the Elekta Infinity linear accelerator. This device belongs to the latest generation of Elekta-XVI and is equipped with advanced imaging technologies for image-guided radiation therapy: cone beam CT (CBCT), providing advanced image quality for all viewing angles, and C-RAD positioning, accomodating to changes in the patient's position during breathing in real time.

Due to these technologies, we can apply all modern methods of remote radiotherapy: IGRT, IMRT, VMAT, stereotactic radiosurgery - SRS, SBRT and 4D radiation therapy and treat complex cases having different options for tumors impact.

IGRT radiation therapy provides additional visual control. It is used in tumor irradiation for all types of cancer and especially for those located close to or inside the sensitive structures such as brain, spinal cord and eyes, as well as in the treatment of tumors in moving organs: lungs, esophagus, liver, bladder, prostate, pancreas.

In addition, a function of synchronizing the patient's breathing during a radiotherapy session (4D radiation therapy) gives us more control, as it stops the beams explosure when the treating area layout is changed anatomical beacuse of breathing, like changes in shift and volume of the organs and tumor. This is an additional protection against radiation exposure to healthy structures and a more effective therapeutic effect on cancer cells.

IMRT radiation therapy and its variant VMAT method are effective in treating tumors of complex shape due to additional calculation. Both methods allow us to target the tumor from different angles, adjust the intensity and volume of the beam to avoid radiation of healthy tissues and deliver a higher dose exact to the malignant formation.

Stereotaxic methods like SRS and SBRT provide the maximum therapeutic dose of radiation with high accuracy of targeting and define them to be used as independent methods of radiation therapy for complete tumor removal.

About radiotherapy at our Cancer Center read: Radiation Therapy

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Linear accelerator at the Cancer Center

Advanced radiotherapy technologies


клініка мануфактура статті клініка мануфактура статті


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