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We have opened Cancer Center

"Manufactura Clinic" Medical Center strives to develop and meet the new challenges of life. The number of cancer patients in Ukraine and all over the world is growing, and cancer is getting "younger". Modern, effective and qualified treatment of this serious desease cannot and should not be available only abroad. Like many other advanced ukrainian hospitals, we do utmost to bring the best medical experience of cancer treatment here, to Ukraine, providing our doctors with powerful modern equipment and conditions that ensure the implementation of international treatment protocols.

We tried to bring to our Cancer Center the best experience of advanced cancer hospitals, where accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive cancer treatment is possible at one site, in the collegial council of specialty doctors with the maximum attention and respect to the patient.

Complex treatment of most types of cancer is carried out in our Center. We are specialized in: chemotherapy, radiation therapy (radiotherapy), surgical oncology. We provide with the oncologists colleagial council all our patients on a case-by-case basis, and we also provide a second oncologist opinion service for patients who want to receive additional advice from our oncologists regarding a disease diagnosed by other medical institutions. We also conduct palliative, supportive care for patients regardless of where they receive their primary cancer treatment.

About our facilities, approaches and principles read more on the page about our Cancer Center.

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клініка мануфактура статті клініка мануфактура статті


We have opened Cancer Center

The full cycle of cancer treatment at the Cancer Center of the Manufactura Clinic


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