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Surgical oncologist consulation

Consultation of a surgical oncologist

A surgical oncologist specializes in surgeries for oncological diseases. Patients with benign neoplasms are also referred for consultation to an surgical oncologist, since certain types of benign tumors have a precancerous status or can turn into malignant ones. Their early removal is a way to prevent cancer. In addition to tumor removal itself or a tumor-affected organ, an surgical oncologist also performs some types of biopsies and tissue reconstruction surgeries after the main surgery to remove the tumor or organ.

Surgical removal of the tumor is a part of comprehensive cancer treatment in most cases. Usually, surgical treatment is indicated after neoadjuvant treatment (chemotherapeutic, radiation or hormonal), the purpose of which is to affect the tumor growing and to stop the development of the entire pathological process. Only in some cases, under vital indications, surgical removal of the tumor can be prescribed the first in a complex of medical measures. Determination of the procedure and volume of surgical intervention is carried out jointly by the surgical oncologist and the treating oncologist.

When to contact a surgical oncologist 

Here in "Manufactura" clinic we always refer to surgical oncologist consultation before surgical interventions, before diagnostic surgical manipulations, within the work on patient's cases of the oncological council, and in the practice of expert consultation, the so-called "second opinion" of a specialist in oncology for the purpose of clarification the treatment plan. Consultations are provided at the direct request of the patient and at the referral of the treating oncologist.

The consultation involves studying the patient's medical status, his current well-being and complaints. The doctor will also explain the course and scope of the surgery, the expected results, and provide advice on preparation and recovery after surgery.

If a patient is indicated for a surgical biopsy, the oncologist can review the patient's medical status without a consultation. In this case, the doctor studies the results of medical examinations, therapeutic measures and the conclusions of the treating oncologist before the manipulation.

Registration for a surgical oncologist consultation in the "Manufactura Clinic" Medical center

You can sign up for a consultation with the surgical oncologist in our clinic choosing one of the following:

  • by phones indicated on our website;
  • through the application or the web version of the "Patient's profile account";
  • online form "Make an appointment" from our website.

All medical documents and the results of examination, as well as conclusions or, if available, a written medical referral from the treating oncologist are required for the consultation.

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