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When to do a mammogram

Mammography is the most informative method in early detection of breast cancer, as well as diagnosing other structural changes in breast tissues, their nature and prevalence. There are two types of mammography: classic, which is x-ray examination, and ultrasound. Both are effective and reliable, but the decision which one to choose is made by the doctor, having previously clarified the patient's complaints and medical history.

The foremost quality criteria of the breast diagnosis are doctor's competence level and the diagnostic capabilities of the mammograph.

The Medical Center «Manufactura Clinic» provides a professional examination of the mammary glands with the newest Planmed Clarity 2D (produced in Finland). The advantages of the Planmed Clarity 2D is the speed of the mammography, a low radiation dose with the excellent quality of image and the possibility of additional control examinations and biopsy.

Regardless of the complaints show, one must have mammography examinations if:

  • you are a woman of 45 and elder, annually;
  • you are feeling thhe pain or discomfort in the mammary glands, observing enlarged axillary lymph nodes, changes in breast tissues, for the patients of any age;
  • you are burdened by family cancer, especially breast cancer, for the patients of any age.

Remember, breast cancer signs are not seen at an early stage. Early detection with the help of medical equipment allows successfully to treat up to 98% cases. Mammography itself is a simple, non-invasive and painless examination.

Read more about examination, frequently asked questions and tips in our article «Mammography: what is important to know».

Sign up for a mammogram and a consultation with a mammologist to be sure in your health.

The both breasts mammography in two projections - UAH 800.00

The one breast mammography in two projections - UAH 450.00

Target mammography (1 image) - UAH 300.00

The mammologist consultation - UAH 610.00

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