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New direction of our work: Clinical Studies for cancer treatment

For many cancer patients, clinical studies of innovative medicines become a chance to receive an effective and free treatment, because in many cases they involve patients with terminal stages of the malignant process, when surgery is impossible and only supportive therapy to alleviate the patient's condition. Trial treatment programs, which are carried out mainly for scientific and research purposes, provide a noticeable improvement in the patients' well-being, positive dynamics in the results of regular examinations. And this is not only a noticeable progress for doctors to introduce the new medicines against cancer, it is an extension of the patient's life and significant improvements in its quality.

Manufactura Clinic has started a new line of work by joining Clinical Studies in cancer treatment programs. Trials of medicinal products of our clinical studies are carried out only within the framework of phase III, that is, before the final registration of the medicine in order to obtain maximum information about its effectiveness and performance, the required dosage and the prognosis of side effects.

All clinical trials comply with international ICH GCP standards and are agreed with the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. On the basis of our clinic, the Commission on Ethics ("LEK") is created and works. This is an independent body aimed to monitor the ethical and legal issues of patients who participating in clinical studies programs.

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