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To the World Hypertension Day

To the World Hypertension Day, the Manufactory Clinic provides simple but effective tips for normalizing blood pressure.

Here they are:

  • eat healthy;
  • be active;
  • balance your working and restoring periods (this is one of the keys against chronic stress);
  • refine your weight;
  • monitor the blood pressure level (if it increases, be sure consulting the doctor, and regularly take the prescribed  antihypertensive therapy);
  • stop smoking;
  • stop alcohol abuse;
  • regularly (once a year) check the condition of your body (chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, general blood and urine tests, blood sugar, lipid profile).

A detailed health examination takes into account the individual characters of the body and requires a doctor's consultation. Lets take the point of all mentioned further:

The Mediterranean diet is the best for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Its basics are eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as legumes, reducing the consumation of starches; olive oil instead of animal fats, and above all, eating plenty of fish and seafood.

An active lifestyle according to doctors' recommendations, means three or more times a week of no less than 30 min. of aerobic exercise (hiking, running, cycling, swimming, orbiterek workout and other dynamic activities), the intensity of which depends on your level of training. 

The working and restoring periods balance is in another words a normalization of the regime. It includes a sufficient duration of night sleep (7-8 hours) and timely sleep (preferably no later than 22:00). The optimal weight can be calculated using the body mass index (a value that allows you to assess a proportion between body weight and the height, thus, indirectly detect whether the mass is insufficient, normal, excessive). The optimal rate is in the range of 18-24. There are enough online calculators on the Internet to calculate the body mass index. You should calculate and know yours. 

The target blood pressure level is considered to be less than 130/90. The detailed information about your specific blood pressure shall be discussed  from your doctor.

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, a smoker is a person who consumes at least one tobacco product every day. A tobacco product is a product made wholly or partly of tobacco leaf as a raw material, prepared for smoking, sucking, chewing or smelling.

Excessive alcohol consumption is considered to be the consumption of more than 2 standard servings of alcoholic beverages per day for men, and the figure for women and people with low weight is 1 standard serving. One standard portion is considered to be one containing 10 grams of alcohol. This amount is contained in approximately 330 ml of beer, or 125-150 ml of wine (9-11% strength), or 25-30 ml of strong (40-45% strength) alcoholic beverages.

Take care of your heart and blood vessels, and they will delight you for a long time with reliable work. You can get comprehensive information on prevention methods, diagnosis, treatment of cardiovascular pathology in the medical center Manufactura Clinic. Our specialists will develop for you a personal health check-up schedule, an individual prevention program, and, in case of the pathology, will prescribe an appropriate treatment based on evidence-based medicine, in respect of your body's criterias.

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