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Clinic for adult

Medical care for adult patients

Manufactura Clinic Medical center is open to patients to provide with a full range of medical services systematically and professionally.  Be attentive to the patient's complaints, make a competent analysis and prescribe the appropriate examitation, look into the root of issue causing the illness and make the correct diagnosis is the basis for successful treatment. We strive to create an atmosphere of trust between the patient and the doctor, and to build a strong teamwork of our doctors, because we believe that the doctor's professionalism and the high level of clinic's equipment are not the only important things in treatment success but also emotional support and care.

Our team includes doctors of the following specialties to provide medical advice:

We have the doctors of following speciatilities to provide services:

You may chose our clinic in following cases: 

  • chronic and acute illness
  • viral and infectious deseases
  • dispensary examination
  • vaccination
  • cancer diagnosis: early cancer detection, pathomorphological tests of tumors, cancer staging and diagnosis. For cancer examination you can choose the clinical oncologist consultation or our Oncological Check-up programs.
  • pain and trauma management 
  • cardiological monitoring
  • blood pressure monitoring

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